Monday, 16 May 2011

Three pups

There were three of them,
Three children,
Playing around three trees.
Three birds sang,
Three stones
Three mushrooms,
Three beds of flowers,

Three pots of jasmine, clematis and rose.
Three apples,
Three types of laughter,
Three clouds in the sky.

Three houses on the horizon.
Three ships at sea.
Three figues: young, middle and old.
Three names, three houses, three flowers, three children.
Three darling sunsets as the children kept playing for
Three days.
Three nights.

Far away Three great rivers.
In the distance,
Three of mountain, ice and fire.
Three fairies
Three maidens,
Three cats,
Three calves,
Three bottles of water.

Three roots of the Great Tree.
Three crowns,
In the Undeworld there are the
Three headed hounds
and three howls.
Before Ragnarok are Three severe Winters.
Then in Summer Three trees with three times apples.

Out of this, three young wolves play and dance in the meadow. Innocent of the world, they share the sacred value.

Mystical Numbers

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