Monday, 14 February 2011

Wolf Goddess - Luperca

 The Goddess Lupa or Luperca is an Etruscan goddess.
She is depicted in wolf form but also appears as a lady.
She is also called Luperca and Acca Larentia. 
Acca Larentia was the wife of Faustulus.
Some stories suggest that Lupa is Artemis in wolf shape. 
The story goes that Goddess Lupa is the wolf mother who adopted and nursed two baby boys, Romulus (the founder of Rome) and Remus. 
Lupa or Lupea is a Latin name for "She Wolf" but interestingly it's also a title of a common prostitute in ancient Rome.
The celebration of Lupercalia Day is a Roman festival to honour the goddess wolf mother.
Lupercalia Day was held on the 15th February but it's the origin of modern Valentine's Day, held on the 14th February. 

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