Monday, 7 June 2010

Musical wolves howling

"Listen to them. Children of the Night. What music they make" - Dracula (1931)

The howl of a wolf is one of the most magical sounds on earth. It captivates the soul. It also frightens people as well as inspires them. I love listening to the sounds of wolves howling. This was very common to hear in the Dark Ages of Britain. It's also a pleasure listening to them howl in regions like isolated wildernesses of Europe and the Americas. Yet in England, hearing a real wolf howl is actually possible today! (You only have to visit an animal park).

Click on these links to hear the howling of wolves:
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It's so beautiful! 

There is a lot of musical numbers and albums combined with the backdrop of howling wolves. Music from any genre like classical, folk, metal, and relaxation, add wolves to their songs.

This is an incredible video: Wolf Song (Celtic Version).
Another is classical with Wolf images and howling.
Black metal: Carpathian Wolves  by Graveland.

The sound of the wolf is compelling and enchanting. The wolves communicate in a special way and their sounds create a vibrant energy, that either sends chills or makes us weep, or locked in thoughts, or even tuned into the realm of the imagination. There are some who'll feel "oh not that again" when they hear wolves because they've worked on farms and have had problems wih them, or otherwise because some simply don't appreciate the howling of wolves.

Interesting info on wolves:
UK Wolf Conservation Trust
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