Thursday, 13 May 2010

Fire and Ice

Raykjavik Volcano erupts as the British parliament undergoes radical, new and different changes. A new PM as well as a coalition not seen in the UK since the Second World War. During this phase a cold spell hung across Britain as the temperatures plummet to frost, wind and some light sleet in the northernmost uplands. The volcanic ash veils across the country and other parts of Europe. Fire and ice. A time of fire and ice is the symbolic and alchemical metaphore of two elements. Fire and Ice coming together is a form of union and procreation. There are giants of ice and giants of fire in Norse mythology. The age of fire and ice is a phase when life begins. The ice world Niflheim and the fire world Muspellheim both togther produced life.

Raykjavik Volcanic webcam
Volcanic update
Creation: Norse mythology

Ice doesn't move. It's stable, rigid, kept in place. It only forms and melts. Fire moves. It's noisy, can spread around, flexible. It only grows and settles. They both create patterns within. One provides warmth, the other provides coolness. To extremes they can both take life but also in gentler stages they can sustain life. Life wouldn't exist without them.

What of the fire and ice or ice and fire within us?

Ice and Fire have qualities that we need. Fire is the ability to dream, think, imagine, desire. Ice is the holder of memories and recognition, the keeper so to speak. One is the library, the other is the book maker. Fire is the urge to create an art form. Ice is the ability to retain and display the art form. Subconsious and then consiousness. Dream and reality. Spirit and understanding. Thoughts and actions. Fire is inside us and we feel it when we have emotions and ideas. Ice is the reaction or the response and even the result. Fire is the dream to make a beautiful toy made of anything. Then ice is the result of that dream, which is the physical reality that you hold before you. I want to do this... and here we are, I've done it now.

Can fire be outside and ice inside? Yes of course it can.

External fire is the act of will, and the display and character, the personality traits, the physical appearance, the style, the glamour. Internal ice is belief, faith, ambition and those things that anchor a person. Yet both can change.

Ice is recognised as being Winter and Silver. And even the Moon. Therefore, some would and could say that Ice is winter, Yule, a time of snow and darkness, the metal of silver, the moon, and yes WOLVES. Fire is associated with Summer and Gold and the Sun or solar. Then the Fire is summer and light, flowers, warmth, sunlight, the metal gold, the sun and WILD CATS. Absolutely!

Cats and dogs. Wolves and wild cats. Most of the wild cats, all of them really, are found in warmer and hotter climates. Fire animals. Animals associated with fire. Even though the domestic cat is associated with the moon and night, that is mere supersticious rings.   
Above art from Dyan Allaire

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