Friday, 7 May 2010

Beside a river

The river that passes by the village town is beautiful, gentle, rippling, healthy and clean. It moves over the rocks. It sounds very soothing. It carries leaves, twigs and blossoms. The river looks enchanting in the day but eerily cool at night as a place that Therianthropes would love to visit. Near this river is a field of growing corn. The wolf within senses that there are small wild animals living around there. I ventured further out and I stumbled upon burrows and hiding places. I knew who was in there, or who wasn't. Today I found a fallen eggshell from a bird's nest, and it was beside the rose bush in my garden. A bit further away is a very creepy looking old barn yard. At night, when stars shine above it, the bard yard is probably haunted. I need a camera! The visions and scents of the place is magic.

When you look at the eyes of a wolf,
You seek itself.
The wolf stares at you,
and you are afraid.

A wolf's ancient journey is embedded in the land across the countryside. It's still there from times past, that long ago, when the last wolves of the British Isles roamed freely. I found a way to track it. Find rare ancient wolf bone and teeth, that would interest a museum.

The campaign against wolves in this country by Edward I was quite successful and allusions to them became fewer in historical documentation. At an abbey in Herefordshire, an iron wolf head is supposedly a memorial to Edward’s campaign.
The demise of the native wolf has never been forgotten. Humans are afraid of nature. This is tragic. People should get to grips with nature and learn they're part of it and NOT seperate from it.
A worrying thought that what happened to the British wolf is almost happening now to the landscape. 

Wolves and Humans
Its Nature
Reintroduce Wolves

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