Thursday, 15 April 2010

In memory of my dogs

I just found out that Sheba, my beloved family dog living with my grandparents, has died. She was ten years old and a beautiful German Shepherd. She was probably the largest dog of her breed that I have ever seen, as she came from an interesting heritage. Her father was a large police dog and her mother was also a pretty big dog. She had a long fluffy tail like a wolf's tail. Her fur looked wolflike but ever so silky and soft. She was golden, brown and light blonde haired. Her eyes were dark honey coloured. As a puppy she was very exciteable and she made me feel uplifted and happy. She brightened things around her. As an adult, she became a strong and proud animal, but unlike most dogs that I know, she had this air about her that was very proud, almost ladylike. We called her The Queen. She lived up to her name "Sheba". I lost my own father in 2005 after a battle with cancer, and Sheba comforted me during those dark times. I then left Hampshire and came up here to Yorkshire to be with my boyfriend. I haven't seen Sheba since then but I have a photograph of her. I will post this online when I get my camera uploads fixed. Sheba was in later times suffering a condition that was causing her pain in the legs and she couldn't walk properly. She was one of those characters that you just can't imagine dying. For weeks I've been thinking of her a lot but it wasn't until yesterday that my grandmother told me Sheba died in January this year. I miss her much. Other pets have died and it's saddened me. I lost many pets of different animals and they made me feel sad. My grandparents now have a new puppy.      

In loving memory of my dear dogs. Here is a list of all the dogs I can remember and who I've loved, then lost.

1. An Old English Sheepdog, my first dog. I can vaguely remember him but there is a photograph of me aged two years old and he's stood beside me. He died when I was a toddler.

2. I grew up with this dog, he was a pale brown colour and a cross-breed. He was playful and protective of me. There are dozens of photographs of me as a child with this friendly dog. He died when I was 10 years old and I grieved for a long time.

3. Two years later my family got a new puppy, a very pretty black and tan cross labrador and German shepherd. She was playful as a puppy, then as an adult she became really affectionate, gentle, loving and protective of children. She was sweet natured. She died in 1999 of old age and an illness. This upset me and I still cry for her now and then because I do miss her. 
4. The late Sheba, who died in January 2010. She was born in 2000. I have pictures of her as a puppy and then growing up. She was a proud, haughty and noble dog. She was feared by other people and animals because of her appearance but I felt safe with her. She was a true guardian of the house. She didn't have any puppies of her own but she had maternal instincts, she was protective of children and young puppies that visited.   

In memory to other pets and dogs who've been loved.


  1. I truly feel for your loss as I too am a devoted dog lover and have grown up with dogs since I was a young teenager (only due to a fail burglary at home which brought about getting a family dog). We had dogs around when I was really young but after Dad's old dog Kim died and after we moved to another village we didn't get one until the burglary. The dog we got was a lovely black lab called Fern (taken from Ferngully and with an F because her Mum was called Finn and my MUm said it was tradition to keep the first letter passed down or something). Fern was awesome. Quite a hyper dog actually but very loving, playful and protective. I will always remember how she would run large frantic circles around the garden just because Mum made a fake dash at her.
    Sadly she left us in very cruel manner and when she was still young , only 8 and a month just turned. Vet suspects a ruptured tumour, even though she had all her stuff done when we first got her. I won't say too much on how she left as it is greatly upsetting.
    I'd never experienced death in any manner until that day in April when she died.
    We buried her beneath the apple tree she always used to lay beneath, with all her toys and blankets.
    However some good has come out of her passing in that we now have another dog, we actually have 2. Golden Labs and brother and sister. Bailey and Gem are their names and sometimes they do things that are exactly like what Fern used to do. I was only at home last week and Gem mimicked to a 100& perfection the pose of Fern we have in a photo in the lounge. It was wierd but I like to think that was Fern peeking through Gem and saying Hello. Bailey has Fern's playful nature in abundance and Gem has Fern's every knowing gaze and intelligence, although Gem does have a bit of collie in her from her father.

    I don't know if I can say or do much that will make you feel better during this very sad time. Each of us gets through loss differently.

    All I can say is loving a dog really does leave a paw print on your heart forever. And as long as they were loved, cared for and lived a good happy life (be it short or long) then please take some peace in knowing they are now chasing bunnies or balls up in the clouds. At least that's where I can imagine Fern being.

    I am sorry for your loss.

  2. Thank you for the kind post Becky :)