Thursday, 29 April 2010

Blossoms and the full moon

Last night it was the Full Moon. It was quite invisible behind some of the silvery grey clouds, tinged with the volcanic ash from Iceland. Barely bright, and yet shining still, the full moon still glowed and it wasn't as dark outside last night as it was previously. I bring you some health tips from a female Therianthrope. Please ignore if you wish, argue if you want to, debate about it, copy it or simply ignore it. I'm no dietician and I haven't the faintest about herbs or spices. I will say that I like flowers, and I enjoyed the walk in the woods today. I saw many blossoms, some were pink, red, blue, white and yellow. Canopies of leaves with sprayed out branches made me think of laced parasols. The fir trees and pine trees sang with bird song and a few had little cones. Wild flowers in many shades of sunlight and moonlight scattered on the grass. A stirring came upon me to strip off naked and run through the woods, climb up the trees, lay on the ground among the petals, and dance. However though, the woods are public and I didn't do it. A shame really. I  was overcome by immense love and gratitude, belonging, and I felt happy.

So here are some health tips from me.

Evening primrose oil ideal for PMT/PMS, stress, depression and moodswings. It's especially good for women going through a hard time or having that time of month. This can be an ingredient to use in cooking instead of fat, olive and vegetable oils.
Rose petals, nice bath remedy, and a soother on the skin. Nice ingredients for romantic dinners and afternoon garden tea.  
Violets are a mind healing flower for the sense of well being, and is edible that can be used as a form of garnish in salads and savoury dinners.

More on Edible flowers are Here

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