Friday, 19 March 2010

Wolf Guardian

One senses the image of a wolf, especially during a deep state of hypnogogic sleep. The wolf's eyes are looking deeply and intelligently at me. The wolf seems calm and I feel a sense of calmness overcome me. When the wolf gets close, I can smell pine, roots from the forest, fruit, flowers, rain, snow, water, grass, mud, trees and water. The wolf knows what I'm doing. The wolf knows how I'm feeling. The wolf senses what might be troubling me and what could be making me feel the way I do. This appirition of the wolf is beautiful as any wolf. The wolf is going to be there until I fall asleep and won't be there after I wake up. This wolf has a name, printed in the air, on winds and breezes, mist, breathes. When it rains, the name becomes visible on stones and glass. The wolf belongs to a greater pack, of loyalty and love. Strength is vital. Power is shared. This wolf is a part of me and I see her sometimes.

Wolves can have an interesting effect on us in dreams, wide awake or in deep thought. When we deal with actual wolves, we want to understand them. Some wolves are rebellious and yet it doesn't mean they don't want to be understood. But do they? Often, lone wolves are like solitude. They absorb details they may not have learned if they were still belonging to the pack. They can find ways to cope when they feel a certain way. They might be hungry and they will want shelter and rest. Some lone wolves probably reflect, in their own way, the landscape and animals all around them. They might remember their pasts. They might anticipate the future: What will the storms bring tomorrow, perhaps?

These lone wolves symbolise the sole journey we have to take as adults. People feel a time when they want to be on their own and concentrate. People need time to think. People like to enjoy hobbies and activities themselves. Some like their own company. Even those who are sociable by nature want to be on their own a little, to recuperate, meditate, make decisions, study, sleep, pleasures like me-time. I guess some wouldn't understand this and what I'm trying to say is that the intimate self is looking inside at ourselves and coming to terms with our deep side. The wolf is a trigger of the deep self. The wolf is a animal in the forest and zoos, yeah but also there is a much more different type of wolf. The wolf of the psychic and spiritual realm. The wolf of the subconsiousness. The wolf in dreams, The wolf who appears in our imagination and wild ideas.

When I look at the wolf I look at many things about it. I can see an animal of such beauty and progress. I can see an animal who was important to ancient peoples. I can see an animal that was a cause of panic in the Middle Ages. I can see an animal that scares children in fairy tales. I can see an animal that could be a spirit guide. I can see an animal totem. I can see an animal who belongs to the Native American tradition of the medicine wheel. I can see an animal who makes people delve into vivid imaginations. I can see an animal that will be capable of killing me. I can see an animal that might be capable of attaching itself to me as a guardian. I can see far more that I can't describe.

When people are in trouble, they experience hallucinations, if they are that, and these are identified as angelic or guardians. Animals can appear also, including wolves. People that have endured near fatal accidents come face to face with wolves that come from nowhere, who seem to then vanish after guiding people to safety. Also wolves represent the pack instinct, with a social order and always a routine. When people learn to understand wolves properly, they might also be able to understand a little more about themselves.

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